Friday, 10 June 2016

How to Get 4G/3G speed in 2G Internet Plan

hi guys today i am gonna share you how to get 4G/3G speed in 2G Internet plan

    (the 2nd method only in this website)

     requested :-

* 2G internet pack
* rs. 2 in your account 
* (it deactive your current internet plan so try only without internet pack-only for method 2)

simple method 1

1  buy a small 3G plan and recharge a big 2G plan(not work in unlimited plan)

2 Done you can get 3G speed but it stop when the 3G pack is expired(date)

method 2 is the best method and i recommend method 2 

simple  method 2 

1 - send "STOP" to 1925 (SMS)

(it deactive your current internet plan,so don't try with internet plan)

2 - wait 5 or 10 minutes 

3 - now send "START" to 1925

4 - wait 5 or 10 minutes and buy a 2G plan

5 - done you can get 4G speed in all 2G plan 

Note:- work only in India (TESTED) 

any problem pls comment